About AcuFund

AcuFund is an integrated Fund Administration and Account Management package, it was designed with the main emphasis on ‘Ease of Use’ with the system handling the creation of system accounts automatically. AcuFund is a fully integrated package dealing with share registration, valuations and an integrated accounting module.
AcuFund offers flexibility and performance whilst being both secure and easy to use. The system provides vast functionality whilst keeping a standard user-friendly interface throughout the application.

The system is completely multi-currency and will cater for a management company of US Dollars with the fund being Sterling and each leg in any currency.

Core Systems

AcuFunds core systems include Share Dealing, Securities, General Ledger, Contact Management and Database Management

Share Dealing

Share dealing types are: -

    • Issues
    • Redemptions
    • Transfers
    • Conversions - between any legs of the fund
  • Clients can pay/receive monies in any currency irrespective of fund/leg currency.
  • Clients can invest/redeem a fixed amount of money or a given number of shares.
  • Each deal can have a discount being a fixed amount or a percentage of the front/rear end fee.
  • Commission can be payable on issues to broker/advisors based upon a fixed amount or a percentage of the front-end fee.
  • Accruals can be in any currency and may apply only to the fund or be prorated across all legs of the fund.
  • Historic contracts can be reproduced.
  • Client Statements are available at any date showing book cost and market value today.
  • Mail merges for clients from Holdings data.


  • System will automatically calculate any profit and loss on a disposal and will also calculate the FX profit and loss.
  • Ability to record purchases, sales, dividends, bonus and script issues.
  • Records amount of tax withheld on dividends.
  • Valuations and Investment Schedules can be produced at any date.
  • Back value deals with automatic calculation of profit and loss on subsequent deals.

General Ledger

  • Any number of debits and credit in a batch.
  • Ability to set-up standard batches for repetitive transactions like bank interest receivable etc.
  • Ability to change a narrative or suppress a complete batch in the event of incorrect postings. Suppressed transactions are deleted and stored in a separate table for audit purposes.
  • All screens have the ability to drill down: -
  • Account balances drill down to
  • Transactions, transactions drill down to
  • All transactions posted in the batch
  • Ability to flag accounts to enquiry/report globally across all entities to give balance at Lloyds bank etc. Also useful for Assets under management etc
  • Ability to enter accruals with the batch being automatically reversed the next working day.

Contact Management

  • Record names, address, telephone numbers and other information relevant to this contact such as other members of their family or organization.

Database Management

  • Records directors and registered office to enable annual return to be produced automatically.