About AcuReview

AcuReview is an integrated Trust & Company Annual Review package. It was designed with the main emphasis on ‘Ease of Use’, utilising data securely extracted from your core data provider.AcuReview is the latest in Trust & Company Annual Review packages, written specifically for the distinct needs of Trust and Company Administrators.

AcuReview offers flexibility and performance whilst being both secure and easy to use. The system provides powerful functionality whilst keeping a standAcuReview user-friendly interface throughout the application.

Maintain Review Questions & Risk Work Sheet Questions

The System allows definable questions for reviews and risk work sheets, all questions are held in a pool, these are then available to definable review categories, 

e.g. StandAcuReview Entities, Registered Offices, EBT’s, LLP’s etc

Review Questions can be added, edited and or made inactive. They can be assigned to any reviews categories. Within each review category, a sub category can be created to allow for specific questions to be added to the review, for example, to handle Securities, Assets. This stops these questions be asked for every review saving the user time and eliminating incorrectly answer reviews.

Risk Work Sheet Questions can be added, edited and or made inactive. Each question can have multiple answers and scores, the sum of these scores provides the entity with its total risk score.

Both sets of questions can be exported and imported between site installations.

Review/Amend Entities

This screen provides the main interface for case management. Entity specific data, Case Characteristic types and Reviews are all selected from this initial screen. Each Review is made up of answering a set of relevant questions, where any deficiencies are raised to individuals, as action points, requiring further action. A risk worksheet is also completed providing the entity with a “score” and therefore settings its actual risk status

Information Section

This section holds information for each entity, information downloaded from the core system is not editable as this needs to be updated at source.

Case Characteristic Section

Each Entity by default can be set to either a “StandAcuReview Entity” or “Registered Office/Agent”, under which specific Characteristic can be set; for example holds assets, securities. By setting these options extra questions are added and or removed which are directly linked to the relevant Characteristic.

Reviews Section

It is possible to view all reviews using the Reviews section, this will take the user to the actually review, risk worksheet and action points. Reviews on completion automatically create the new reviews currently based on:

  • Low Risk 3 years
  • Medium Risk 2 Years
  • High & Very High 1 Year

Financial Accounts

It is possible to record the entities Annual Financial Accounts in this section, the date of the accounts, who is preparing them, the start and finish dates and current status of the financial review.

 Update Entities Information

 This will start the extract and upload of data from the core system, log files are provided to detail changes etc. Please see initial data requirements for more information

 Authorisation Levels

This provides the system administrator with a comprehensive employee management tool. Each AcuReview user must be added via this screen, his or her details are entered into the screen and user rights are set using a security matrix. Every menu option and report can be given or taken away. Groups of permissions can also be setup and applied to multiple users.